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Markus „Exe“ Exner is known for his exceptional way of playing the guitar.

With professionalism he masters the authentic music-making, both on the acoustic and on the electric guitar. Because of his versatility he is familiar with blues, rock and pop but also funk, soul and lounge music. Markus Exner has on the one hand the necessary talent and on the other hand the right hearing to strike the right notes at cover songs and also at own compositions.

Markus Exner plays and played with Twosome Music, E.N.T., De Bajaasch, The Stones Tribute Band, Black Brothers & The Bad Bones, Johnny & The Hot Rods and the Ötteband.

Moreover he has already shared the stage with Status Quo, Canned Heat, Sydney Youngblood and The Baseballs.


The guitarist, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Markus Exner from Neuss/Germany has dedicated his life completely to music. At age six, he began to get interested in his mother's guitar. And since then he has been exploring every style from rock to jazz. He played in various coverbands and a very successful German rock formation and works as a live and studio musician for other artists (e.g. Dante Thomas, Nigel Casey and Benaissa Lamroubal). Just with his own career he took a lot of time. Only in 2014 the musician recorded his first song "Feeling Insane". He is currently working on an own album.

In addition to music, Markus Exner has been interested in artistic design since early childhood and began drawing still lifes, landscapes, comics and cartoons at a young age. Even before his graphic design apprenticeship, he took part in a course by the Hungarian painter Lajos Sebök in Neuss in the early 1990s and later worked as a DTP operator, digital media designer and label designer. In 2008, his first and quickly out of print cartoon book "Kneipenphilosophie" appeared.


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