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20 October 2017
- [more]

20 October 2017
- [more]

05 May 2014
On Monday, May 12th 2014 from 9.05 pm in WDR2

The music scene NRW is part [more]

17 October 2013
New video ''Feeling Insane''
The first own music video of Markus Exner is now online. [more]

11 July 2013
Raven Parque
Raven Parque and band release for summer the single ''Golden Years'' with mighty much summery [more]

15 June 2012
Deutschland Wunderbar! – Our contribution to the EURO 2012
You have the best ideas always much too short. It is Thursday evening, one day [more]

12 October 2011
The inner city is busy
The Lokalrunde had take hold and attracked again numerous music fans in the 19 participating [more]

05 October 2011
''Lokalrunde'' so big as never before
Neuss (NGZ). On Saturday starts the 10th pub night in Neuss – with a response [more]

27 September 2011
Exxperience – by Johnny and Exe – Slaves of Rock’n’Roll.
To be one of the best duos in the west, that was the idea of [more]

15 September 2011
''Exxperience'' now every month at the Hamtorkrug
Neuss (KaTse) At the first common gig it was quickly clear: ''The audience did not [more]

18 July 2011
Successful Premiere
Duisburg (RP). At the weekend the first city-folk festival kicked off on the Königstreet. There [more]

27 June 2011
Neusser Rock Duo played before Status Quo
NEUSS (maho) The two Neusser musicians Markus Exner and Andreas Kallenbach – they are the [more]

22 June 2011
Johnny and Markus: On Stage with Status Quo
A musicians dream came true for Markus Exner and Johnny Yuma: they played as support [more]

02 May 2011
At the weekend Markus played with the band Fandango from Mönchengladbach at the Geneickener Hof.
Powerful [more]

23 April 2011
The Devils and Guests
''The Devils and Guests'' is an allstar group consisting of (former) musicians of the ''Blues [more]

14 March 2011
Acoustic Experience – One Voice One Guitar
Johnny Yuma and Markus Exner celebrate from 50 years of rock history unplugged.

Markus Exner plays [more]

10 May 2010
Phoenix West

Structural change successful – Transindustriale celebrates opening

DORTMUND That was flair: While the Pink Floyd Tribute [more]

11 March 2010
Pink Floyd Tribute Band in Dortmund
At their first concert in February ''Groove Attack'' paid tribute to the band Pink Floyd [more]

20 February 2010
Pink Floyd Special in Dortmund-Aplerbeck
Tony Liotta revives the hits of Pink Floyd

APLERBECK Within the scope of the Groove Attack [more]

04 October 2009
Peace Festival Dortmund
The headliner of the Peace Festival will be Bob Geldof. As initiator of the Band [more]

20 June 2009
''Groove Attack'' - Cult Guitarist John Hayes and Tony Liotta
from Bianka Boyke at June 15th, 2009 6:15 pm

APLERBECK Since 1992 he grips into the [more]

11 August 2008
Great Show, Super Atmosphere
From Ralf Schreiner

Dinslaken (RP) Jim Morrison is dead. The Dire Straits don´t exist anymore. The [more]

11 August 2008
Cover Rock At Its Finest
From Peter Neier

FANTASTIVAL. The Back Doors Man, Dire Strats and The Stones Tribute Band enthused [more]

10 August 2008
Don´t Look Like, But Sound Like
DINSLAKEN. The Stones Tribute Band is since the end of 2003 the new band of [more]

21 July 2008
Self-Confident Performance

Also the second „Sounds-of-Cover-Festival'' suffered from the bad weather and attracted just [more]

09 July 2008
The Spark Jumps Across Late After All
''I can´t get no satisfaction'': Open-air concert at the sports ground in Staufen with [more]

26 June 2008
Markus´ Debut Feature as Cartoonist
It finally is ready, the debut feature of Markus Exner: ''Kneipen-Philosophie'' (Pub Philosophy). A book [more]

05 June 2008
Band History
Psalter (1987-1992)

Cordt-Wilhelm Hegerfeldt: e-piano, church organ
Burkhard Hegerfeldt: bass
Jochen ?: flute
Markus Exner: drums

I gained my first [more]

04 May 2008
Rezension of ''Imagination'' from Gitarre & Bass 03/05
Markus Exner from Neuss plays the guitar since his sixth year. Sometime with 16 he [more]

01 April 2008
Acoustic Aura goes to Hamburg or: “How to come not to a performance”
On a springlike Saturday morning in March 2008 we set out for Hamburg to a [more]

14 October 2007
''Öttes'' Comeback
Christian Otte comes back after just a year of intermission with the experience of about [more]

14 September 2007
C.H.O.T. at Kaarst Total on MyVideo
Under the link you can watch a video from the C.H.O.T. gig at Kaarst [more]

28 August 2007
Markus as guest musician with C.H.O.T.
On September 2nd, 2007 Markus plays with the project C.H.O.T. at Kaarst Total at the [more]

13 June 2007
Markus at YouTube
Under you can watch some live videos and more of Markus. [more]

30 April 2007
G2 – Sektas / Exner Live In Concert
On next Saturday the Neusser guitarists Amdeus Sektas and Markus Exner give a common concert [more]

23 April 2007
Acoustic Aura at the Cafe Maxx
The day before yesterday Markus played with Acoustic Aura an unplugged concert in saloon above [more]

07 April 2007
EXOT BROS at MySpace
EXOT BROS is now also represented at MySpace: .

06 April 2007
Press Quotes
''...welfare to them, which knows in addition a guitarist like ''Exe'' Exner in its rows, [more]

31 December 2006
Review of the year's events 2006
Markus plays with the formation “The Devils & Guests” in the Hamtorkrug in Neuss.

Markus walked [more]

27 December 2006
The farewell performance of the ''Ötteband''
NEUSS. A Neusser legend says goodbye: on Saturday the ''Ötteband'' celebrated - who brought sumless [more]

24 November 2006
1. Neusser ''Gleam of Hope'' Show
Yesterday, 23. November, the first Neusser ''Gleam of Hope'' Show took place in the all-night [more]

05 November 2006
Markus plays today with the Stones Tribute Band in the Engel in Düsseldorf
Today, November, 5th 2006, Markus plays with the Stones Tribute Band an exclusive club concert [more]

17 October 2006
Votes to the NEV-Song from
''...It is now certainly classify to the genre ''fan adapted'' is in any case fancy [more]

16 October 2006
The new NEV song
Auf geht´s Neusser schießt ein Tooor!
(engl. Come on Neusser score a goooal!)

At this point we [more]

28 September 2006
Markus plays with the Stones Tribute Band in the Kanapee in Meerbusch
On September 29th and 30th 2006 Markus plays with the Stones Tribute Band an exclusive [more]

06 September 2006
Markus live on stage with Onita Boone & Mother Soul
Markus plays on September, 7th with Onita Boone & Mother Soul in the Cafe Extrablatt [more]

16 August 2006
Markus on tour with ''De Düvel''
Markus Exner plays from Saturday, August 19th up to and including Tuesday, August 22nd 2006 [more]

30 July 2006
Recording work
At present Markus is often busy in studio and work on demo- and order productions [more]

25 July 2006
Markus on stage with the Stones
On past sunday (07.23.06) Markus and a friend visited the Stones concert in the Rhein-Energie [more]

08 May 2006
Hard Riffs with a lot of Feeling
Tribute Band ''The Stones'' rocked in the music pub Hamtorkrug. Neuss (E.S.).

Boom, boom, boom. [more]

24 January 2006
Devilish good: String Wizard and Keys Magician
Neuss (dB) How it sounds, when rocker, jazzmen and blueser arrange jointly a session on [more]

16 December 2005
Why go ants never into a church?
Because they are in-sects.

User: ''My screen does not work.''
IT: [more]

09 May 2005
More fire More Fire than the Originals
The Stones Tribute Band

Neuss (db) Like barely no other band the ''Rolling Stones‘‘ divide die-hard [more]

20 October 2004
Neuss. (db) Till the early morning hours it was made music in the music pub [more]

28 October 2003
Concert with ''Extrabreit'' and three guest bands in the Cave in Balve
So sad the refusal of the planned ''Cave Rock'' spectacle was, the surrogate event was [more]

24 April 2002
Die Rückkehr der geilen Engel (''The Return of the hot angels'')
New CD of the Ötteband

Who knows still, what Genesis had sounded like in former days? [more]

21 May 2001
FC St. Pauli, the final 20.05.01 Heiligengeistfeld, Hamburg
My sixth concert with the Öetteband should become to one of the largest. One day [more]

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