Dienstag, 16. Juli 2019

Music already begins before it is written.

Born in 1977 in Neuss on Rhine (Germany) he took drum lessons after initial recorder playing and musical reading and collected his first experiences as drummer. After his father then showed him his Jimi Hendrix record collection among others, his ambition was awakened. He grabbed his mother's old six-string and began to practice. The guitar became now his main instrument.

Already before his graphical apprenticeship he drew comics and cartoons. Later on he worked as a DTP layouter at a biotech company and as a digital media designer at a leasing agency.

After his first debut with duos and his former band ''Stryngcutterz'' followed several engagements in different coverbands (among others Oetteband, Johnny & The Hot Rods, and De Bajaasch), as a substitute and guest musician, singer-songwriter and studio musician for other artists and bands.

In 2005, his instrumental mini-album ''Imagination'' was presented in the German magazine ''Guitar & Bass'' under the heading ''Yoursite''. In the autumn of 2013 he recorded his first self-composed song 'Feeling Insane' in the studio, where he sang for the first time and recorded the guitars and the bass. In May 2014 the song was presented in radio (on WDR 2) under the heading ''Made in Germany - Szene NRW''. Today he is delight in drawing cartoons, composes poems and enhances the most different events as a speed drawer with his caricatures of present guests.

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